Continuous Delivery for Platform Teams

Introduction Platform or Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) teams are the perpetual go-betweens of the enterprise IT world. They provide a platform that is used by other applications or services within the IT infrastructure and therefore having many more dependent end-users than just those of a single application team.  If platform teams are successful then they can try [...]

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Version Control – the first step to Continuous Delivery

We've all been there.  We've broken something. We know it's our fault, we know we are responsible and yet we can't bring ourselves to admit it. What next? Hide it? Bury it? Hope someone doesn't notice? When they do notice we feign surprise and wrinkle our brow and look into it alongside our colleagues. "How could [...]

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Building Single Page Applications with Angular 4 and beyond

This article takes you through my experiences of building an Angular 4 single page application. Some familiarity with javascript, node and REST based APIs might help but is not required for this introduction. Why should I use Angular? Angular is a wonderful framework for building modern, single page web apps where you want a short [...]

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A complete IoT off-the-shelf solution for business

Xyglo (Amsterdam, NL) is excited to announce a complete IoT solution for business - enabling connection of sensors and actuators to a configurable backend and mobile app. We call this the Xyglo IoT Cloud Platform.  With this platform you can regularly measure temperature, pressure, flow, switch states - all remotely.  Based on these readings you can decide to operate [...]

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So you want to work in Software?

Software development as a career can pay well. However (wo)man cannot live by bread alone.  Money is an ephemeral pleasure for those who have their minds on larger challenges and there is a fine line between accepting an assignment and feeling that your good nature is being taken advantage of for the sake of cash. I've had over [...]

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