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Friendlier 3D Game Editor

Friendlier is a lightweight code and game editor ideal for prototyping, testing and deploying 2D and 3D mobile apps quickly and efficiently.  Friendlier features touch-like navigation, full screen or windowed mode, syntax highlighting, a stunning visual compare and build integration.

What’s different about Friendlier is the way you navigate between the editing screens – effortlessly.  Have a look at our video below:


Friendlier provides a 3D interface to text editing.  You can still do everything you would expect – cut, paste, navigate, undo, redo, search, scroll – but now you can do it while immersed in your code.  Source files float next to each other, the build key moves you to the build output window but then you can continue editing as you go.

Friendlier 1.0 features:

  • Beautiful 3D user interface
  • Touch-like navigation (moving between windows, zooming)
  • Full screen/windowed modes
  • Syntax highlighting (C++)
  • Multi-level undo/redo
  • Stunning visual compare
  • Build integration (Standard Out and Standard Error capture)
  • File management
  • Project and file level statistics
  • Single Friendlier project file architecture

Getting Friendlier

Friendlier is available as part of the Brazil Component Framework and now available on github. There are also some documents available here as follows:

Friendlier & Brazil Overview v1.1.pdf
Friendlier and Brazil Documentation – overview of Friendlier IDE and the Brazil game framework.

Friendlier Manual v1.0 A brief introduction to Friendlier and overview of concepts and key bindings.

You can read about how to use Friendlier as an IDE with C++ and mingw.