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Brazil is a graphics component framework designed to make building 3D experiences and games simple and fun.

It is based on the Friendlier 3D Text editor and can compile games into many different target formats – for Windows as well as for Android and other platforms.

Brazil and Friendlier in action

Brazil and Friendlier in action

Brazil was research undertaken by Xyglo in 2012 and 2013 to better understand the 3D games world, the graphics capabilities of platforms and to use our knowledge of user interfaces to explore easier cleaner ways to interract with 3D components. We used both the Kinect and the Leap Motion to test interface interaction with Friendlier.

Brazil is now an open-source project released under the MIT licence. If you’d like to learn more about how to get it, how to build it and how you can contribute then go to the project page on github.

Brazil currently builds under Visual Studio 2012 with XNA4.0 game studio but we’d love to see it ported to MonoGame.