Building Single Page Applications with Angular 4 and beyond

This article takes you through my experiences of building an Angular 4 single page application. Some familiarity with javascript, node and REST based APIs might help but is not required for this introduction. Why should I use Angular? Angular is a wonderful framework for building modern, single page web apps where you want a short [...]

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Integrated Web and Mobile IT Solutions

Here at Xyglo we're always looking to partner companies that want to grow their business using IT as a key driver. We specialise in understanding customer requirements and building affordable and integrated solutions that expand your reach and give your customers more. For example we integrate your website with your latest technologies. Want an internet [...]

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The New Web

Anyone who has tinkered with HTML will know that it's relatively simple to get yourself a website up and running and since the advent of CSS and decoupling of content from style it's even quite straightforward to make it look nice. But today's plethora of platforms, languages, middlewares and client side libraries make it more [...]

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