So you want to work in Software?

Software development as a career can pay well. However (wo)man cannot live by bread alone.  Money is an ephemeral pleasure for those who have their minds on larger challenges and there is a fine line between accepting an assignment and feeling that your good nature is being taken advantage of for the sake of cash. I've had over [...]

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The Six-month Technology Turnstile

A few short years ago it was like this: "Are you getting an iPhone?" And the debate around the water cooler rolled on and on and back to the desk and off to the lunch and around the weeks and in and out of months it echoed. And everyone ignored Windows Phone. Then a couple [...]

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Innovation in Europe – The Final Countdown

2014 was an interesting year - it promised much but it delivered unexpected results and another heavy dose of realism to a technology world that was in some ways tired of hearing the same disappointing message.  Sometimes you just have to get stuck in and know when to do more of the same and 2014 [...]

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Comet ISON

This is something I wrote this morning as a tribute to those who follow and those who dream.     Comet ISON The morning dims expectant viewa failure yet to see that lightthe promise of a feathered blazethrough our diurnal double glaze. From Oort cloud wrung from ancient days,a rattling, unforgiving smear,snap'd in its infancy was [...]

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Say Hello to “Paulo”

I'd like to introduce you to Paulo.  If you're on Windows or on a Mac you should be able to have a go driving our robot friend around his spaceship.  Arrows keys plus space to jump and you can use the shift key to look around you.  The Android version of Paulo is coming soon [...]

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