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A complete IoT off-the-shelf solution for business

Xyglo (Amsterdam, NL) is excited to announce a complete IoT solution for business - enabling connection of sensors and actuators to a configurable backend and mobile app. We call this the Xyglo IoT Cloud Platform.  With this platform you can regularly measure temperature, pressure, flow, switch states - all remotely.  Based on these readings you can decide to operate [...]

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Integrated Web and Mobile IT Solutions

Here at Xyglo we're always looking to partner companies that want to grow their business using IT as a key driver. We specialise in understanding customer requirements and building affordable and integrated solutions that expand your reach and give your customers more. For example we integrate your website with your latest technologies. Want an internet [...]

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Cloud-free Audio Storage and Streaming

With the announcement of Google Cast - a part of which is an audio streaming service for a limited set of audio devices played from a cloud catalogue - I look back at the lowly hardware I persist with and I don't want to feel like I have to replace it just to play my music.  I have a stereo or two, [...]

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