So you want to work in Software?

Software development as a career can pay well. However (wo)man cannot live by bread alone.  Money is an ephemeral pleasure for those who have their minds on larger challenges and there is a fine line between accepting an assignment and feeling that your good nature is being taken advantage of for the sake of cash. I've had over [...]

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Integration for Business

Enterprise IT has changed and for those of us that work there it's been obvious for years. Enterprise can't keep up with the changes that are happening in the software world and no amount of Agile or Scrum is going to change that. Look at the connected solutions offered to SMEs and see how Enterprise can be [...]

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Taking Development to the Cloud

I've recently been spending some time with Visual Studio 2015 and Microsoft's cloud development vision of ALM solution - Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). VSTS is the new name for what was once called Visual Studio Online - a collaborative development platform that allows for planning (Scrum, Agile or CMMI), development, testing and building all integrated through a single service.  [...]

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