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Adding Localizations in XCode

Internationalization and Localization in XCode and iOS has been ably covered not least by Ray Wenderlich and team so please head there if you want more of the the gritty details of how to locali[zs]e strings in iOS/Objective C. This article is an aide memoire for those who are actively wanting to localize their apps [...]

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Rediscover Your Inner Alien

I'm a tinkerer. I studied engineering but I couldn't really call anything that I do professionally to be anywhere near as rigorous as something done by real engineers. Software people deal with viscous problems - problems that have form and function and then warp off to become something else. Software projects are malleable and destructible [...]

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TFS from the Command Line

Team Foundation Server (TFS) is a source control repository from Microsoft and integrates with a large array of proprietary and non-proprietary development (Visual Studio) and open source and/or freely available tools to provide enterprise class source control.  It's a popular choice in the enterprise but it's not always well understood what it can do. One aspect [...]

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Cloud-free Audio Storage and Streaming

With the announcement of Google Cast - a part of which is an audio streaming service for a limited set of audio devices played from a cloud catalogue - I look back at the lowly hardware I persist with and I don't want to feel like I have to replace it just to play my music.  I have a stereo or two, [...]

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