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A complete IoT off-the-shelf solution for business

Xyglo (Amsterdam, NL) is excited to announce a complete IoT solution for business – enabling connection of sensors and actuators to a configurable backend and mobile app.

We call this the Xyglo IoT Cloud Platform.  With this platform you can regularly measure temperature, pressure, flow, switch states – all remotely.  Based on these readings you can decide to operate machinery, raise alerts or warn customers or partners of potential problems.

Xyglo supplies the infrastructure, software, hardware and the expertise to install, configure and commission your sensors and actuators.

We supply full analytics and the ability to derive instant business value from your investment.

Xyglo applies fixed pricing to the installation and maintenance of installations so that you can know your costs up-front.  Xyglo is also available for customisation of software and processes according to specific industry requirements.

If you’d like to learn more about our pricing and arrange a demo then please get in touch with Xyglo – info at xyglo dot com or reach us via the website

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Richard Bown is owner of Xyglo BV - a small software business located in Amsterdam, NL. Xyglo specialises in building software solutions for clients of all sizes - in particular for IoT, (big) data and database integrations, API design and deliver, front-end and mobile apps. Richard is also an IT consultant specialising in coaching and mentoring continuous integration and delivery and development best practice.