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Ionic, Cordova and Angular for Cross Platform Development

People want mobile solutions for all platforms.

Cordova Angular Ionic

It’s always nice to develop apps in the native environments – the results tend to be cleaner, the binaries smaller. However I’ve always looked at the cross platform tools – Unity, Xamarin and Phonegap/Cordova. Why build more than once?

Cordova is an Apache project that has been running for some time and utilising the Ionic framework (for the UI design) alongside the built-in AngularJS Model View Controller methodology you have a very powerful cross platform framework available to you. It’s based around HTML5 and CSS essentially – you write a web page, you hook in some CSS for the styling and Javascript and away you go. It sounds simple but the learning curve is steep due to the methodologies employed.

There are many fantastic blog posts out there already which I’ve used to build my first app. For example Getting Started with ngCordova is a wonderful overview of how to get your environment up and running and first steps to build your first app.

Voice of Cricket

Voice of Cricket build for Android in Cordova and Ionic

Once you get slightly more advanced then it’s important to understand how services and factories can clean up your controllers.

An older post but still relevant here are some more tips and tricks for using Phonegap/Cordova.

And you can learn more about promises in AngularJS and how they can help you deal with asynchronous responses from services.

It’s been a little over a week since I’ve started on my first app and while it’s not yet completeĀ it’s working and it’s published on the Google Play store.

Get it on Google Play

I’ve also made the code available for this app on Github so feel free to have a look at that as a starting point for your Cordova and Ionic adventure.

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