//The Six-month Technology Turnstile

The Six-month Technology Turnstile

Six month Technology Turnstile

A few short years ago it was like this:

“Are you getting an iPhone?”

And the debate around the water cooler rolled on and on and back to the desk and off to the lunch and around the weeks and in and out of months it echoed. And everyone ignored Windows Phone. Then a couple of years later it was:

“Are you getting a Samsung?”

And walls were built and forged and fingers pointed and resolutions made and sides were taken and oaths thrown and yet soon we calmed and addressed this dilemma with silent opprobrium, and everyone continued to ignore Windows Phone, and then it was:

“Are you getting an iPad?”

And we found ourselves in another world, one which our children were already used to and one that most of our parents have no real comprehension of and we ourselves struggled to see the use of it. Yet stratospheric sales figures made us sit right up and we realised that the world had changed forever and we no longer knew which particular piece of the IT puzzle belonged to us anymore. And this went doubly so for Microsoft and their mobile strategy whose pieces were strewn all over the kingdom.

And now we sit, and wait for the summer returnees to decide the fate of the next sixmonth technology turnstile. Will you be part of the next minuscule revolution or the one who says “No, not I?” Will we all be wearing clunky digital watches that would make Douglas howl and keep the boxes in case our future Ebay selves berate us for our idiocy?

If you are confused then join the party.

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About the Author:

Richard Bown is owner of Xyglo BV - a small software business located in Amsterdam, NL. Xyglo specialises in building software solutions for clients of all sizes - in particular for IoT, (big) data and database integrations, API design and deliver, front-end and mobile apps. Richard is also an IT consultant specialising in coaching and mentoring continuous integration and delivery and development best practice.