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EU App Motivation

Over the last few months I’ve participated in a couple of EURAPP workshops that aimed to identify bottlenecks and encourage thoughts about the EU app economy.

In the November 2013 event in Berlin I gave a tutorial on mobile game development and my thoughts on the opportunites.  If you’re interested you can read about it here.

Yesterday I was in Brussels to hear Neelie Kroes, Peter Vesterbacka (Angry Birds) and other app development luminaries discuss the figures and come up with some strategies and present a roadmap to encourage more app development in Europe.

In Europe we worry that we have been left behind by the United States and the Far East – here in the Old World we’re seemingly obsessed with local taxation problems and cross border regulation, employment laws, wondering how to get the people with the money to talk to the people with the ideas.

Personally I think it’s great that we’re discussing these problems but in my opinion we just need to get on with and build the apps – build the businesses and get on with the collaboration.  We are worrying too much and not doing enough practical stuff to help those who want to innovate find those who want to help them – either by working with them or by investing in them.

The EU investment programmes are unwieldy and there is red tape involved (as their has to be) but these exist for you and I to get out there and at least try to get investment.  There is plenty of money in the Old World – we can ask friends, family, Kickstarter, Indiegogo.  We can try, we can fail, we can try again and we can put our pride behind us to try and achieve our goals.

During the talk in Berlin I came back to what I think is a key point about getting your motivation right for success.  Understand your motivation for making apps, games, whatever and then the rest will fall into place.  Motivation is key, understand what it means to you and you’ll prosper.  It may be purely a financial incentive, it may be artistic, it may be altuistic or community driven.  All of these are possible within the growing app economy.

And if you want to see how much this app economy might grow by then head on over to Gigaom to read all about it.

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