Where every day is a decade Where no egg shell goes untrodden Where the reaction is sometimes a bad one Where the good work of the spring and summer lies undone Smiles around us in tatters We pray for the shortest day to come And wait for the bliss of sleep to take us to … Read more

Building a video processing backend on AWS

AWS Architecture Video Processing

Building a video processing backend on AWS As part of researching and building the technology for we’ve been trying to find a reliable, cheap and easy way to host shareable assets (video, pdfs) on a wordpress site. While it’s possible to upload your video directly to wordpress this is not directly streamable – it’s … Read more

Travelling between the UK and the Netherlands during COVID-19

Covid testing in the UK

I’m a British national living in the Netherlands and so returning to the UK to visit family and friends has been high on my list of things for a while now.  However, it’s hard to work out how to accomplish this due to the restrictive travel regulations around  COVID-19 as well as the ever-changing requirements.  … Read more