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Apps, Websites, Integration

Get a clean, secure, super-fast, easily maintainable website designed and hosted by Xyglo.

We provide dedicated WordPress hosting featuring premium themes, professional support and amazing reliability giving you the ultimate in flexibility and performance. We provide you with specifically curated tools and plugins that you need to develop SEO, drive and analyse traffic and bring the clients to you.

Or build it bespoke, build a backend and build a web app or a mobile app. ¬†It’s up to you.

Curated Premium WordPress

Your Business Connected

Native and Web Apps

WordPress Premium

We hand-pick the best themes and plugins for use in our WordPress Premium hosting. You can be sure of high quality look and feel, pre-loaded site templates to get you up and running faster and a fully supported process from us during design and deployment. Let us help you get your look and feel just right along with the presentation of your content.

Xyglo Bespoke

Xyglo Bespoke service for Entrepreneurs

What does your business website need to make it succeed? Portfolio items? Stock tracking? Payment integration? A booking system? CRM? Finance backend? Apps for customer and clients? Tell us what you need and let’s build it together.

Reliability and Performance

We’ve chosen Google Cloud Platform as our backend parter which makes for a more reliable website and backend for you. With systems boasting 99.978% availability Google runs a large part of the worlds software infrastructure. With smart monitoring, continuous security updates and care and attention from us that makes for a great team looking after your systems.

Multi-platform Apps and Websites

Ionic and Angular used by Xyglo

Using the power of cross platform technologies we can bring harmony to your presence across web, mobile and desktop. Build once and run on any platform means quicker time-to-market and a consistent message for your customers.

Always Local

Based in Amsterdam, NL and London, UK but serving the world’s businesses we provide a personal service that prides itself on attention to detail and reliability.

Always Secure

We keep your website safe and your customer records safe and secure.  Always updated, always ready to scale as you need it find out how Xyglo can provide your perfect business website solution.