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Dream with Xyglo


  When you’re faced with a sheet of blank paper sometimes it’s easy to fill it with concerns rather than ideas. We want to help you forget about the details and concentrate on the core of your idea. Let us explain it against the context of current technology.  We can help you understand what is possible and then provide a path towards making it a reality. We can help navigate the cutting edge of software, hardware, design and innovation. Please get…

Build with Xyglo


It can be hard sometimes to clearly translate your ideas into reality. Xyglo’s experience in design, development and implementation doesn’t leave you with gaps to fill. We take care of the whole process from storyboarding and UX to development, deployment and cloud, API or legacy systems integration. Web, app, desktop, server – we talk code. We also like to think we talk sense! We are also highly experienced in IoT, product design and integration and work with our partners to bring…

Connect with Xyglo


Your app succeeds when it’s connected.  You want your customers to discover it and share it.  You want to be able to integrate it with your social media, you want to be able to learn about your customers and respond to their needs. Xyglo will help you integrate with existing systems, build a back-end understand your business use-cases and make those the priority in the customer experience. Let us help you connect your app to your business and beyond. If…